The “Guerrilla Pastors” is a podcast chronicling young ministers shifting from “traditional” church ministry to a subversive pastoral presence.

[021] Foyer Score Keeping | Part 2 | Guerrilla Pastors

In this episode we sit down with our third of three Sunday morning focused traditional church pastors. Our guests name is Pastor Mike Ford and our conversation in part two revolves around what he has done to restructure the ministry staff positions in his church, as well as how collaborative he is with other pastors.  Millennial Pastor Podcast episode reference: Jon Wren — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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About the Guerrilla Pastors:

Josiah Jones

Josiah is a part-time pastor in a traditional church in the midst of pivoting away from normative gatherings. He is also the Executive Director of Helping Hands Ministry in Snoqualmie, WA.

Ryan Fasani

Ryan is a Pastoral Farmer. He grows food and teachers others how to do the same. He also helps lead a ministerial incubator which has helped birth much needed ministries that serve the Bellingham area.

Brian Wardlaw

Brian pastors at the Ballard Homestead. In the heart of Seattle, real estate comes at a premium. The Homestead, formerly a traditional church, is a space/venue that exists to bless the community.