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[017] Prevenient Subversion | Part 1 | Guerrilla Pastors

In This episode with sit down with our second of three Sunday morning focused traditional church pastors. Our guests name is Pastor David Rodes and out conversation revolved around what church is and how he has pastored over the past five decades.  — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. [017] Prevenient Subversion | Part 1 |
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  5. [013] Seven Days Of Presence

The “Guerrilla Pastors” is a podcast that chronicles these young ministers shift from “traditional” church ministry to a subversive pastoral presence.

Instead of attraction models hinging on cults of personalities we focus on humbler approaches founded on neighborhood presence.

Forsaking church growth metrics we will focus instead on fostering authentic relationships. 

Join us as we discuss our journey through deconstruction to reconstructing a Guerrilla Pastoral approach that emphasizes a broad kingdom imagination, practices a generous orthodoxy and celebrates a necessarily diverse praxis.

Guerrilla Pastors illustration by Josiah Jones.

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