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[037] Spiritual Anthropology – pt. 2 w/ Jim Henderson Guerrilla Pastors

Join us as we sit down with Jim Henderson to hear more on his thoughts on how evangelism could be improved why saying "I'd be curious to know" may help when your triggered and what it takes to really be in a mentoring relationship. He shares his life in ministry, his thoughts on how to better disciple and what comes to mind first when asked about those who were raised in Sunday School. Here is more on him: What he is currently working on: The Three Practices One of his books: Jim & Casper Go to Church — Send in a voice message:
  1. [037] Spiritual Anthropology – pt. 2 w/ Jim Henderson
  2. [036] Sunday School Vibes ft. Jim Henderson
  3. [035] – Un-Innovative Discipleship
  4. [034] – Discipleship as Mutuality ft. Emily JoAnn Haynes
  5. [033] – Naming The Shift

The “Guerrilla Pastors” is a podcast that chronicles these young ministers shift from “traditional” church ministry to a subversive pastoral presence.

Instead of attraction models hinging on cults of personalities we focus on humbler approaches founded on neighborhood presence.

Forsaking church growth metrics we will focus instead on fostering authentic relationships. 

Join us as we discuss our journey through deconstruction to reconstructing a Guerrilla Pastoral approach that emphasizes a broad kingdom imagination, practices a generous orthodoxy and celebrates a necessarily diverse praxis.

Guerrilla Pastors illustration by Josiah Jones.

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